Think small for a BIG impact

Published on July 15, 2015

Think small, big impact Did you know that for every $1 donation, The Greater Boston Food Bank (GBFB) can provide 3 healthy meals to those in need? That small amount can make a huge impact to someone in need this summer. We are able to do this because of our great relationships with food retailers, manufacturers and growers from whom we purchase healthy foods in bulk so we can maximize every donation. In fact, 91% of every dollar donated goes directly to hunger relief efforts. This is why so many are eager to support GBFB’s mission to end hunger here – they know their contributions are used wisely and will have maximum impact. And, we’re inspired by some of the creative and simple ways some are showing their support!  Specifically, a few of our Kitchen Cabinet (KC) members have successfully mastered the concept of “think small…BIG impact”. Recently, our KC Chair, Matt Goehlert, hosted a barbecue at his home, as he often does during the summer. Except, this year, he asked friends to bring a $25 donation to help feed our food insecure neighbors. He invited Team GBFB member, Erin Lee, to briefly speak to the group about GBFB’s mission to end hunger here. Many families attended with their children, which was a great way to teach the kids about giving back. The group went above and beyond and raised $630, enough to provide 1,890 healthy meals to those in need. By thinking small and enjoying time together, Matt and his friends also made a BIG impact. “Pairing a barbecue with GBFB’s mission was important to us for a couple reasons, said Matt. “We wanted to raise awareness within our group of friends that GBFB is an important part of our community, and we wanted to provide an easy way for them to support GBFB by asking each guest to donate money instead of bringing something to the barbecue.  It was a fun way to bring people together and help a great organization.” Another KC member, Hannah Krulewitch, hosted a yoga fundraiser for GBFB in her building. She invited her neighbors to a yoga class (taught by her college friend), followed by drinks and dinner in her apartment. She encouraged everyone to make a contribution in order to participate. Hannah and her neighbors raised $600 or enough to provide more than 1,800 healthy meals to those in need! “Food has always been a celebrated part of my life – whether exploring new restaurants with friends or holiday cooking with my family. I am fortunate to not only know when my next meal is coming, but to find joy in the food that I eat,” Hannah explained. “That’s why it is important to me to spread awareness about my neighbors and peers who do not have that luxury. With the help of events like the yoga fundraiser, I hope that for more people, finding food to eat is not an obstacle to overcome,  but rather a brilliantly anticipated part of their day.” So, this summer, as you gather with friends and family to enjoy the season, think small. A barbecue, book club or a group workout could make a BIG difference to others. This is a great way to engage your friends in a cause that matters and it takes minimal effort. Plus, it is in line with our commitment to promote healthy food and healthy lives throughout our communities. We are excited to learn how you think small to make a big impact to end hunger here. If you host a fundraiser and want to share it with GBFB or invite a Team GBFB member to speak, email Hunger hurts, We Can Help.

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