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Our work enables the adults, children and seniors we help to learn, work, hope and achieve greater success, independence and dignity.

Our Goal: Three Meals a Day

The map below features GBFB’s town-by-town progress toward our goal of distributing enough food to provide three meals per day for each food-insecure individual in Eastern Massachusetts.Closing the Meal Gap in E. Mass.

Thanks to the dedication and generosity of donors, volunteers and partners, we are changing the lives of many for the better. We believe that everyone the power to end hunger in our community and that access to healthy food is a human right regardless of an individual’s circumstances. By supporting GBFB, you help families across Eastern Massachusetts get enough to eat every day. View our latest Quarterly Impact Report at the link below.


A woman receiving food at a GBFB partner agency

GBFB strives to provide our neighbors in need in Eastern Massachusetts with the access to three healthy meals a day. The importance of our mission—and our desire to always do more to help those who depend on us—have driven us to operate to the highest standards of cost-effectiveness. We use technology to achieve the greatest efficiency in our warehouse and put sound nutrition at the forefront of everything we do. As a result, when you donate to GBFB, every dollar supplies two nutritious meals, including fresh produce.

Thanks to our many supporters over the years, we are thought leaders in hunger relief. Our compassion extends to the environment as well; our distribution center has been internationally recognized for its LEED Silver Certification.

Types of Food Distributed

Thanks to our generous friends and partners, last year GBFB distributed more than 104 million pounds of healthy food, the equivalent of over 87 million meals.

Produce: 33%
Proteins: 10%
Grains: 11%
Canned Fruit, Vegetables, Condiments: 8%
Dairy and Substitutes: 7%
Juice & Beverages: 5%
Other Food: 9%
Prepared Meals: 4%
Household/non-food: 2%


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