Meet Our Runners: Lindsey and Christina

Published on January 10, 2024

Lindsey Nerbonne

Meet Lindsey, a New Hampshire native turned Boston resident, and a GBFB Team Member.  

Lindsey started running when she joined the field hockey team in elementary school. She says she “loved the feeling of making progress with each small, yet powerful step forward.” She continued playing field hockey through college, playing for the team at The University of New Hampshire. In 2018, Lindsey ran the Boston Marathon and then continued to complete a Half Ironman, a Full Ironman, and the Chicago Marathon. She says that “all these events helped me grow and have provided a new perspective on working towards a long-term goal.” Lindsey goes on to reflect that “the feeling I had in elementary school still resonates with me today when I set ambitious goals: small steps make large progress. 

With two marathons under her belt, as well as a Master of Science in Nutrition, it feels predestined that Lindsey works at GBFB, and is now running the 128th Boston Marathon on our behalf. She notes that “working together as a team to achieve the goal of nourishing the community has been an amazing experience for me thus far.” 

As the Donor Services Manager, Lindsey sees firsthand “how your donations are used to feed Eastern Massachusetts.” She is “so excited to be training for the Boston Marathon, while also raising money for a cause [she is] extremely passionate about.” In fact, Lindsey started working at GBFB this past year, noting “it quickly became clear to me how much impact one team can have when they are working towards a common goal.” 

Although she grew up in New Hampshire, Lindsey maintains “a deep admiration for the New England area, with a special spot in my heart for Massachusetts.” She attributes much of this admiration to the spirit of the community, emphasizing that “this is a tight knit community of hard working, competitive, and empathetic humans who always mobilize in times of need to help their neighbors.” And she says “now, more than ever we need to come together to support a mission that will help the lives of so many.” 

The 128th Boston Marathon is most special to Lindsey out of all the races she has participated in because she is representing The Greater Boston Food Bank, a place where she feels that every day, small steps are taken that create large progress. toward providing a basic human necessity for people in need. “No one should have to be without food or go to bed hungry”, she says. “Nothing will make me prouder than to wear GBFB’s logo while I run and know that I have been able to take small steps toward, and in support of, our mission to End Hunger Here in Eastern Massachusetts. 

Help Lindsey meet her fundraising goal as she runs to feed Eastern Massachusetts!

Christina DiVirgilio

Meet Christina, a local Westwood mom who will be running her first marathon this upcoming April–a feat that has been on her bucket list for as long as she can remember. Christina says turning 30 in 2023 really gave her “the momentum she needed to finally make this dream a reality” and is thrilled to be partnering with GBFB to bring awareness to those of our neighbors experiencing food insecurity here in Eastern Massachusetts. 

As a Wealth Management consultant at Fidelity Investments, Christina works with individuals and families to assist with financial and retirement planning and sees “firsthand the increased pressure from MA’s affordable housing crunch, higher taxes, inflation, and increased cost of food.” She goes on to say “no person should have to worry where their next meal is coming from, or when. Food insecurity is solvable and something I am personally passionate about.”  

Christina grew up volunteering with her parents at the Walpole Community Food Pantry and now volunteers with her husband at the Westwood Food Pantry—both of which are GBFB hunger-relief agency partners. Her husband currently sits on the Board of the Westwood Food Pantry (a strong partner of GBFB), which further emphasizes her family’s commitment and strong belief in GBFB’s mission to End Hunger Here in Eastern Massachusetts. 

As a Boston native, Christina looks forward “to helping further the mission of GBFB through [her] network and raising much needed funds to help feed members of [her] own community.” We couldn’t be more excited to have Christina run for GBFB and look forward to supporting her each step of the way towards that finish line at Copley. 

Help Christina reach her fundraising goal to run for food security!

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