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April 15, 2024

The Greater Boston Food Bank is proud to be a part of the Boston Athletic Association’s Bank of America Boston Marathon® Official Charity Program for the 128th Boston Marathon presented by Bank of America on April 15, 2024.

We have selected all our runners for 2024 and are no longer accepting applications.

Meet Our 2024 Runners!

Christina DiVirgilio
Christina is so excited to be running the marathon with the Greater Boston Food Bank. This is her first marathon, and it has been on her bucket list as long as she can remember. She turned 30 this past June, which gave her the momentum she needed to finally make this dream a reality! She’s thrilled to be partnering with GBFB raising money to combat food insecurity in Massachusetts while also bringing awareness to this worthy cause. Support Christina in her run here!

Cory Johnson
With stagnant wages and the cost of food rising after the pandemic, food insecurity has become a major hurdle to overcome for many. Cory looks forward to the challenge in doing as much as he can to mitigate any food challenges the residents of the Greater Boston area may be experiencing. He says it will be lifetime honor to run with this team at the 128th Boston Marathon. This will be his 8th marathon after completing New York five times and Chicago twice. Support Cory in his run here!

Peter Shanley
Peter is thrilled to be running the marathon with the Greater Boston Food Bank. This is his second marathon, and is looking forward to enjoying every step of the fundraising, training, and eventual racing that will lead him to taking a left on Boylston! Peter has been a runner since childhood and has been a spectator of the Boston Marathon countless times. He is very excited to be partnering with GBFB to raise money to combat food insecurity in his community in Massachusetts. Support Peter in his run here!

Lindsey Nerbonne
Lindsey started working at the Greater Boston Food Bank this year, and it was quickly clear to her how much impact one team can have when they are working towards a common goal. Her background is mostly in athletics and nutrition. So, working together on a team to achieve the goal of nourishing the community has been an amazing journey for her thus far. She knows first-hand how much positive impact these donations would have on this organization because she witnesses everyday how our funds are used to feed the community. Support Lindsey in her run here!

Nicholas Carpino
Running the 2024 Boston Marathon will be a dream come true and an honor for Nicholas. He is motivated by the resiliency of those also affected by the tragic events of the 2013 race. He knows that spirit will carry him from Hopkinton to Copley Square. This will be his first marathon after completing multiple half marathons. He is setting the bar very high with his first 26.2, running one of the most prestigious races in the world! He is so excited to be part of an organization that makes such a significant difference for so many people. Support Nicholas in his run here!

Emma Wilson
Emma became a serious athlete at age 16 when she earned herself a spot to run cross-country and track at Syracuse University. Her first exposure to the Boston Marathon was April 2022 as a spectator. The energy was electric and she had never witnessed such comradery and enthusiasm in a city on one given day. She remembers returning to her apartment and writing: “I will run the Boston Marathon in 2024.” In December 2022, she ran her first marathon and qualified for Boston. Now she prepares for a truly mesmerizing marathon, while representing an organization that is very dear to her heart. Support Emma in her run here!

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