Keynote at HBS 2019 Connext!

On Saturday, April 27, 2019, Catherine D’Amato delivered the closing keynote at Harvard Business School’s 2019 ConneXt conference. This was the fourth annual ConneXt conference hosted by Harvard Business School Online.

This year’s conference theme was “Business With A Purpose,” which explored how organizations can achieve their performance objectives while making a positive contribution to society. In light of large-scale challenges, such as inequality and environmental issues, the case for serving the greater good is more important now than ever, and research shows that companies with a strong sense of purpose are able to transform and innovate more effectively.

Attendees of this conference came from all over the world – from Australia to London to China to India and Texas – for one day of learning, networking and inspiration.

Catherine called on the students to:

Not be complacent. Not be indifferent. To act or do something.

“Whatever country, city, town, neighborhood, community, that you want to either go back to and live in…you can make a difference. There are things you can can remind people that food insecure people live in the four walls of your company, or your government, or your college.” – Catherine D’Amato, president and CEO, GBFB

Catherine concluded her remarks with a challenge. To propose innovative, scalable and cost-effective ideas and strategies to support getting GBFB to Hunger Free and increase access to more nutritious food.Watch the entire Closing Keynote speech:

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  1. I find his program to be quite extraordinary, like developing new projects with innovative ideas in society. Something as a student and as a visionary is what makes me do more and more. Greetings.

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