Summer GBFB Nutrition Fairs

Summer GBFB Nutrition Fair | The Greater Boston Food Bank

For the last four summers the GBFB Nutrition team has hosted Nutrition Fairs at Boys and Girls Club camps throughout the area. The Fairs educate campers in fun and interactive ways on how to make healthy choices. This year, the GBFB Team ventured to two camps in Dorchester, one in Fall River, and one in Brockton. Interactive stations are set up at the Fairs to teach the kids about different elements of nutrition:

  • Fruit and Vegetable Tasting Station where the campers are tested on their knowledge of fruits and vegetables and enjoy a delicious Green Monster Smoothie.
  • Calcium station is where the kids learn that calcium is an important mineral in their diet. They identify sources of calcium and ways to add calcium to meals through fun food cards.
  • Hydration Station, GBFB Team members use a water container to demonstrate how the body becomes dehydrated, and the children suggest ways to re-hydrate. The importance of staying hydrated and identifying healthy beverage choices are key take-aways.
  • “How Many Packets?” Station educates about why added sugar should be avoided. The campers guess the number of sugar packets contained in their favorite foods.  Most are amazed and shocked by the long strand of sugar packets that represent the volume of sugar in some of their favorite foods. And what is a healthy diet without exercise?
  • Exercise Dice Station where the kids roll fitness dice to see how many repetitions of an exercise should be performed.  Toe-touches, push-ups and arm circles were practiced!

Finally, our MyPlate Station (pictured) teaches how to build a healthy meal. The children practiced making a healthy plate by drawing foods they would eat on a paper plate. In Dorchester, one girl drew a big slice of pizza in the grain section, chicken in the protein section, and ice cream in dairy.  She proudly announced “all done!” GBFB Nutritionist, Lauren, asked “where are your fruits and vegetables?” She giggled and drew some broccoli and an apple. She admitted to not liking fruits and veggies and that’s why she didn’t include them!  Together, they talked about how fruits and veggies make you strong and different ways to incorporate important food groups such as making a veggie pizza, eating fruit as a snack, or topping your favorite yogurt or healthy cereal with fruit. MyPlate has proven to be a great way for kids to visualize what food groups are missing from their diets, and most importantly, why they are important.

GBFB’s mission   is to end hunger here in eastern Massachusetts, and we also take responsibility and pride in ensuring that the food we distribute is high in quality and nutrition. Each year, 80% of our 48 million pound distribution meets the highest nutrition standards and 25% is comprised of fresh produce. We are committed to helping the one in nine residents of Eastern Massachusetts who do not know where their next meal will come from while promoting healthy lives and healthy communities. Check out our Facebook and Twitter pages this month for more pictures and experiences from the campers at our Nutrition Fairs! They learned a lot!

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Summer Nutrition Fair #MyPlate | The Greater Boston Food Bank

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