Catherine D’Amato

Leading GBFB for over 20 years

Catherine D'Amato

A tireless advocate for the hungry for more than 40 years, Catherine D’Amato assumed the leadership of GBFB in 1995. During her tenure, she has transformed GBFB into a $180 million charitable business and increased GBFB’s distribution from 7.5 million meals a year to nearly 90 million healthy meals per year. She has grown GBFB’s network to include 600 partner food pantries, meal programs and direct distribution sites across the 190 cities and towns in Eastern Massachusetts. 

Under D’Amato’s guidance, GBFB was able to rise to the challenge of an unprecedented surge in hunger brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent affordability crisis that continues today with 1 in 3 people experiencing food insecurity here in Massachusetts according to GBFB’s research.  

D’Amato led GBFB’s partnership with Children’s HealthWatch, a nonpartisan research organization, to undertake groundbreaking research on the health-related costs of hunger in Massachusetts. The study found that hunger cost Massachusetts at least $2.4 billion a year. Her focus on providing nutritious food to those struggling with hunger has remained steadfast as she recognizes the connection between hunger and health outcomes and the disproportionate impact hunger has had on high-need communities. She is committed to closing the hunger gap for the 600,000 people in need across Eastern Massachusetts while supporting healthy lives and healthy communities. 

Beyond her role at GBFB, D’Amato is the founder of the Hunger to Health Collaboratory (H2HC), a group of cross-sector stakeholders developing innovative solutions to reduce the health consequences of hunger. 

D’Amato currently serves on the board of directors of Fidelity Charitable, Massachusetts Pension Fund, Eastern Bank, and the Massachusetts Food Association. She is also the Co-founder and Co-Chair of the Equality Fund at The Boston Foundation. 

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