AnnSeventy-six-year-old Ann lives on a fixed income in a Newburyport subsidized housing complex. Laid low by a long convalescence, Ann was unable to afford the healthy food necessary for her to recover and stay strong.

“A year and a half ago, I had major surgery with complications, which put me into a rehabilitation facility. So I had less money for food, and it was harder and harder to make ends meet. I needed help, but I was afraid of being judged. Besides, I never thought I’d qualify for food stamps.

“Finally, I reached out to my local Council on Aging, and they connected me with The Greater Boston Food Bank’s SNAP coordinator. I can’t tell you how different the experience was from what I’d feared. I thought it would feel punitive and judgmental. Instead, I felt completely understood and encouraged. The coordinator was a godsend. She helped me with the complicated paperwork to apply for SNAP benefits. But it wasn’t just what she did, it was how she did it—efficiently, but with kindness.”

You can read Ann’s story on our blog, and you can learn how GBFB assists with SNAP benefits here.

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