A Message From Our President, Catherine D’Amato

A Message from Our President and CEO, Catherine D’Amato:

Black Lives Matter. George Floyd’s life mattered. The guilty verdict in Derek Chauvin’s murder trial affirmed these facts.

While this verdict may provide a moment of healing for our country, there is much work to be done as we continue to dismantle generations of inequality. As anti-hunger advocates, we know racism and the systems that support it are central to why many of our Black neighbors don’t have enough to eat.

Together, we have an obligation to carry the justice obtained in the courtroom onto our streets, into our communities and in our workplaces every day. We stand with our Black neighbors today, and every day.  Regardless of race, age, gender or status, we remain steadfast in our commitment in fulfilling one of the most basic human rights – and aim to heal our neighbors with food. Our world needs nourishment more than ever, on our tables, in our hearts and in our actions.


Catherine D’Amato
President and CEO

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