A Reflection on Black History Month

In The Midst of Darkness There Is Hope.

 “A cry for racial justice some 400 years in the making moves us. The dream of justice for all will be deferred no longer.”
– President Joe Biden, Biden Inauguration Speech, 1/20/21

“In the middle of the civil war, Abraham Lincoln saw a better future and built it with land grant colleges and the transcontinental railroad. In the middle of the civil rights movement, Dr. King fought for racial justice and economic justice. American Aspiration is what drove the women in this nation, throughout history, to demand equal rights. And the authors of the Bill of Rights, to claim freedoms that had rarely been written down before.”
– VP Kamala Harris, Inauguration Speech, 1/20/21

As we celebrate Black History Month, we appreciate the sacrifices and struggles, but also honor the triumphs of all of our black sisters and brothers who have led the movements for a free and just America.

We find ourselves in a historic moment where we have just elected our first, Black and Asian-American female Vice President, Kamala Harris, against a backdrop of long-standing racial injustice. But where there is darkness, there is hope. She and President Biden have put issues of social and racial justice at the center of the conversation in their first weeks in office – which is why nutrition assistance and addressing the current hunger crisis is a top priority.

As we continue to reflect this month and throughout the year, we are committed to promoting equity and celebrating those that feed us, provide us with jobs, sustain and support us. This month we are partnering with organizations to help raise awareness of black-owned businesses in our community. We are also partnering with the Black Economic Council of MA and the South End restaurant, MIDA, through an initiative called ‘Community Through Hospitality’. In keeping with hospitality principles of love and generosity, we focus on community programs that address key issues affecting our neighbors in Eastern Massachusetts. 

We are proud to partner with our community in this effort. Together, we can end hunger here.

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