GBFB Statement on the Launch of the
Make Hunger History Coalition

GBFB Statement on the Launch of the Make Hunger History Coalition

April 4, 2024 – At The Greater Boston Food Bank (GBFB), we are proud to stand alongside statewide partners in the Make Hunger History initiative. Understanding that hunger is a tremendous problem that calls for lasting, systemic solutions, we believe in working together to achieve the ambitious goal of eradicating hunger through policy, community engagement and collective action.

As the largest hunger relief organization in New England, we understand the intersecting factors that create hunger as well as what it takes to end it. We applaud Make Hunger History’s vision for a future where everyone in the Commonwealth has consistent access to nutritious food and look forward to working alongside all our partners in this effort. As GBFB provides food for 75% of the state’s food-insecure population and leads several statewide policy efforts, participation in this broad coalition is critical to our mission to end hunger here.

“With 1 in 3 of Massachusetts adults experiencing food insecurity, we know we can’t solve hunger alone,” said Catherine D’Amato, president and CEO of The Greater Boston Food Bank. “We believe we have the power to end hunger if we do it together and are proud to join this statewide coalition to make hunger history in our Commonwealth.”

Background on the Make Hunger History Coalition

In September 2022, the Biden Administration held the first national conference focused on food insecurity in fifty years. The White House Conference on Hunger, Nutrition, and Health brought together nonprofits, food system and health care leaders, individuals with lived experience, and state legislators from across the country. Following the Conference, Project Bread convened hunger and poverty relief leaders from organizations across the state, including GBFB’s President and CEO Catherine D’Amato, to chart a path to end hunger in Massachusetts and this coalition was formed.

Bringing together stakeholders from across Massachusetts, the Make Hunger History Coalition builds on momentum already underway by advancing the national strategy here in the Commonwealth. The coalition is represented by the following organizations.

  • Project Bread 
  • About Fresh 
  • Center for Health Law and Policy Innovation
  • Children’s HealthWatch 
  • Community Servings 
  • Congressman Jim McGovern
  • Food Bank of Western Massachusetts
  • Food For Free
  • Greater Boston Legal Services
  • Healey-Driscoll Administration
  • La Collaborativa
  • Spoonfuls 
  • MA Dept. Of Agricultural Resources
  • Massachusetts Food System Collaborative 
  • MA State legislators
  • Massachusetts Law Reform Institute 
  • The Greater Boston Food Bank 
  • Worcester County Food Bank



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