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A Light in Chelsea

Issue: Spring 2023

We believe that access to healthy food is a human right, and it is how we build healthier communities, where our neighbors can thrive.

Neighbors like, Nicolas, who rely on their local food pantry to provide fruits, vegetables, and cultural favorites like Maseca. Area food pantries, like the one that serves him, rely heavily on us for the food to feed their communities.

As we continue to see the impact of inflation and the prohibitive cost of food here, we estimate that 1 in 3 adults face food insecurity.

Our response is to support our community partners. As you will read in this issue, we have made a significant investment in more than 300 partners to increase their capacity to serve more clients and distribute more perishable, healthy food.

By working closely with this network, we distributed ninety million meals last year alone. On average, serving more than 600,000 people per month.

We are grateful to them and the local MA growers who provide the fresh produce that our clients need most—to stay healthy. And finally, we are so thankful for our army of volunteers, like Alex, who show up to help.

Together, we can end hunger here.


GBFB President and CEO, Catherine D'AmatoDonate

Stories of Hope: Nicolas Tejada
For one resident, his local food pantry, GBFB partner La Colaborativa, in Chelsea, has proved a blessing and source of hope.
Fresh Produce Never Sleeps
Honey Pot Farm of Hatfield joins the growing list of local farms providing fresh fruits and vegetables to GBFB for distribution across Eastern Mass.
Celebrating 10 Years Invested
Community Investment Grants increase capacity to serve more clients, distribute more food and assist where hunger relief is needed most.
Project Just Because
Community Investment Grant from GBFB enables expansion of Hopkinton food pantry, increasing their capacity to provide even more nutritious food.
Volunteer Spotlight: Alex Tavares
In between piloting flights for JetBlue, Alex Tavares supports GBFB’s mission to end hunger with volunteer shifts and a willingness to act.
FreshFest 2023
Join the fun May 17th at High Street Place Food Hall for fabulous food, cocktails, music, dancing, silent auction and more!


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