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Many families and individuals found themselves struggling to have enough to eat for the first time in their lives this past year because of the pandemic. For those who can’t always afford enough food, the nutritious protein, produce and dairy items—the items they need most—are usually too expensive to buy in the grocery store.

That’s why GBFB is committed to distributing high-quality, nutritious food—helping the people we serve stay healthy. You can help us by supporting our Spring for Meals campaign this March (learn more below). Thank you for supporting our mission during these difficult times. Together, we can end hunger here.

GBFB President and CEO, Catherine D'Amato

GBFB client Dinora

Stories of Hope: Dinora
By supporting The Greater Boston Food Bank, you’re supporting people like Dinora, a retired teacher and resident of the Julia Martin House in Boston, a GBFB partner agency.

Your Generosity Feeds Those in Need
Through our network of partner food pantries, GBFB has served roughly double the number of seniors during this pandemic than at the same time last year.
Weston kids with check for GBFB

Youth Movement for Hunger Relief
A group of neighborhood kids from Weston came together to participate in a 30-person fundraiser in support of GBFB and our hunger-relief efforts.
GBFB Sr. Lead Driver Juan Encarnacion

Juan Shares His Love for GBFB
Our most tenured team member, Sr. Lead Driver Juan Encarnacion, shares his struggles with 2020, and why he’s worked at GBFB for nearly three decades.
Family Meal Boxes

Providing Family Meals
In the fall, we created the GBFB Family Meal Box program to offer communities an emergency response of easily deliverable food.
Red cabbage, walnut, and orange slaw

Click ‘N Cook: Red Cabbage, Walnut, and Orange Slaw
For something refreshing and simple, try this Click ‘N Cook slaw recipe that uses in-season produce and is a snap to pull together.

Spring for Meals
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