Finding Strength and Compassion Amidst Hardship

Published on July 1, 2024

In the heart of the bustling city of Quincy, DeeAnn, and her vibrant seven-year-old daughter, Nevaeh, find solace and sustenance at GBFB’s partner, The Salvation Army food pantry. DeeAnn leans on the pantry’s support to fill their plates. “The food pantry means the world to me because, without them, we probably wouldn’t eat as much as we do now,” she confides, appreciation shining in her eyes. “We’re grateful because it does wonders for us.”

At 49, DeeAnn is a single mother of three with two older sons in addition to Nevaeh. She shoulders the weight of responsibility while being unemployed with unwavering determination. “It gets a little tough,” she admits, “but we make it happen.”

DeeAnn works to stretch every penny, struggling to afford rent and electricity each month. SNAP assistance helps, but it’s not enough to ease the burden. The constant balancing act between bills and expenses weighs heavily.

Yet, she perseveres, buoyed by love and support. “I just keep a positive mind and keep it moving.”

Despite the challenges, Nevaeh thrives with her eagerness to help, driven by her deep affection for her mom. She eagerly anticipates their monthly visits to the pantry, cherishing the fresh fruits and veggies, especially strawberries—her favorite.

DeeAnn and Nevaeh find strength and compassion in The Salvation Army, knowing that they are not alone in their struggle. With the support of the pantry, DeeAnn dreams of stability and a brighter future, where they are no longer living paycheck to paycheck and can break the cycle of poverty.

Their story resembles countless others, illustrating the resilience of the human spirit amidst hardship. Together, they embody the unwavering determination to overcome, empowered by the nourishment they receive through food and community support.

“Being out of school and not having school lunch impacts a lot.” —DeeAnn

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