We’re Here to Help During Tough Times

Published on April 30, 2024

Corinne Pimental’s story is a perfect example of how the tables can turn, where someone who once relied on their local food pantry for assistance is now giving back by volunteering and helping others in similar situations.

Corinne’s journey started six years ago when she found herself caring for her five grandchildren and struggling to make ends meet. “I started coming as a client at first. I ended up with custody of my five grandchildren at the time, living in a two-bedroom apartment.” She continues, “things were tight. Rent and electricity was expensive, and I was also clothing and feeding seven of us. Times were tough. So, I started coming here. If it weren’t for the North Taunton Food Pantry, we would not have survived.”

While she turned to them for much-needed assistance, she also found a sense of community. “Now by the grace of God, my grandkids are back with their parents, so now I just volunteer.” The staff and volunteers have become like family to her. Corinne volunteers there regularly, helping to provide food and other essentials for those in need. “I love coming in, I love helping out.”

One key aspect of Corinne’s story is the generosity and kindness she has experienced at the North Taunton Food Pantry. From receiving Christmas baskets with turkeys and gift cards to being able to provide similar meals to neighbors in her apartment complex who are seniors, the pantry serves as an important safety net for others facing food insecurity.

Corinne’s experience highlights the importance of not just providing food assistance, but also creating a welcoming and supportive environment for those who need it.

“We all go through tough times, and that’s what we’re here for—to help others during their tough times.” – Corinne

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