No One Should Go Without

Published on April 30, 2024
Revered Willie Bodrick II and Winston Bodrick

Within a bustling city like Boston lies a silent struggle faced by our neighbors—food insecurity. This is where GBFB emerges, tirelessly working to nourish communities, and the story of two brothers unfolds. Winston Bodrick and his brother, Reverend Willie Bodrick, II, pastor of the Twelfth Baptist Church, share a passion for strengthening their community.

The Reverend and his church pantry serve their community both as spiritual guides and by helping those facing food insecurity. Our relationship with the church dates back decades—with GBFB providing food they rely on to serve more than 13,000 people annually. With lines stretching down city blocks, their food pantry serves as a lifeline for thousands, bridging the gap between hunger and hope. He shares, “GBFB’s work is important because food is medicine. It’s brain power for our children while in school. No one should go without. I appreciate our partnership.”

As a new member of GBFB’s Board of Advisors, his brother Winston has been involved with GBFB for 4 years. When he first got involved, he was moved by the magnitude of need, the sophistication of GBFB’s operations and its unique capacity to address hunger. He offers, “It will take our collective support because the need is great. Whether through donations, or volunteering, each makes a tangible difference.” He goes on, “I’m proud of the important work we do to support 12th Baptist and other food partners in the area.”

They urge you to join them in their support of our mission to ensure that no one goes hungry.

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