Meet Our Runners: Nick & Peter

Published on March 7, 2024

Nick Carpino

Meet Nick Carpino, a Hartford, CT native and dedicated nurse practitioner on the Vascular Surgery team at Hartford Hospital. Nick’s passion for healthcare and teaching has led him to provide medical care and share his knowledge as an adjunct faculty member at the UConn School of Nursing. Now, he’s gearing up for a significant milestone – running the 128th Boston Marathon® presented by Bank of America.

Despite completing multiple half-marathons, the 2024 Boston Marathon will mark Nick’s full marathon debut. Setting the bar high by choosing one of the world’s most prestigious races, Nick is enthusiastic about hitting the pavement, not just for the challenge but also to raise funds for The Greater Boston Food Bank (GBFB). 

Nick’s dedication to GBFB is rooted in firsthand experiences witnessing the impact of poor nutrition on cardiovascular health. As a healthcare worker, he understands that addressing food insecurity is crucial for overall health and well-being. When he learned the alarming statistic that 1 in 3 adults in Massachusetts faced food insecurity last year, Nick decided to act. He notes that the increase in grocery prices, which has had immense impact on wallets and has caused devastating consequences for many community members, was pivotal in his decision to raise funds for GBFB.  

Nick is excited to support an organization that makes a significant difference in many lives. By running the Boston Marathon, Nick pursues a personal goal while contributing to a cause deeply resonant with his values and the well-being of his community. For Nick, participating in the Boston Marathon is more than a personal accomplishment; it’s a dream come true and an honor. Inspired by the resilience of the city after the tragic events of the 2013 Boston Marathon, Nick is motivated to run from Hopkinton to Copley Square, carrying the spirit of strength and unity that defines Boston. 

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Peter Shanley

Meet Peter Shanley, a local Boston resident with a love for running. Peter is gearing up for his second marathon – not just as a personal challenge, but as a meaningful endeavor to combat food insecurity in his community. Peter’s roots in Eastern Massachusetts, combined with his extended family ties in the area, make his commitment to fundraising for GBFB a deeply personal and honorable endeavor.

Young man poses for photo with trees in background

Peter’s choice to join GBFB’s team, however, is more than just the running; it’s a commitment to making a positive impact on his community. Motivated and positive, Peter believes in the power of collective effort to address one of the most basic needs: access to food. Drawing on inspiration from his past donations through his law firm, K&L Gates LLP, Peter sees the marathon as the next step in his journey of involvement with GBFB. He envisions a lasting relationship with GBFB, expressing his desire to continue to grow his involvement. He also sees the marathon as an opportunity to bring the community together, rallying behind a cause that affects individuals and families in the region.  

Having been a runner since childhood, Peter’s connection with the sport runs deep. His excitement for the upcoming marathon is not just about the physical feat but about the entire experience – from fundraising to training and ultimately crossing the finish line at Boylston Street. 

As a seasoned spectator of the Boston Marathon, Peter is thrilled to transition from cheering on the sidelines to becoming an active participant, all while supporting a cause close to his heart. Peter’s story is a testament to the transformative power of running, community engagement, and the enduring commitment to make a positive impact on the lives of one’s neighbors. 

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