Nutritious Meals are a Lifeline

Published on February 14, 2024

Anna’s journey from Newcastle, England, to the United States is one of love, commitment, and perseverance. Having married a military service member in Italy, the couple eventually moved to Massachusetts—and yet her delightful British accent, a testament to her roots, has persisted over the 30 years she has lived here. With two sons to raise, she shares that they had difficulty making ends meet.

She is grateful that she found help nearby at the Sacred Heart Food Pantry in Haverhill, MA. It became an anchor, providing essential groceries and a sense of community and purpose. Anna’s openness about her struggles, including being a caretaker for a grown son with special needs, serves as a powerful reminder that sometimes families need a helping hand. As a senior now on a fixed income, she has also relied on help with rent and other expenses. While she does receive SNAP benefits and income as the caretaker for her son, she adheres to a tight budget with little to spare.

“The cost of vegetables and food is extremely expensive, and my son’s a vegetarian. The fact that we can get fresh fruits and vegetables here is a tremendous help.”

Becoming a volunteer seven years ago, Anna now helps others needing food assistance. She shares, “It’s nice to help others in the community who also need help. It gives me purpose and helps me to stay active.”

Her role goes beyond distributing food; for Anna, it’s how she expresses gratitude for the support she receives. In Anna’s eyes, the food pantry is a lifeline for individuals like her. As a volunteer and client, Anna embodies the spirit of giving back and providing support that extends far beyond the pantry’s shelves.

“It’s nice to help others in the community. It gives me purpose and helps me to stay active.” -Anna

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