A Community-Driven Mission

Published on February 14, 2024

As the primary food source for our neighbors in need, GBFB is pivotal in supporting organizations like Our Neighbors’ Table (ONT), a fast-growing food access organization serving 12 communities in northern Essex County.

A longtime GBFB strategic partner, ONT represents the needs of its community and the broader Seacoast Food Providers Network. “It speaks to the collaborative nature of our relationship as we work together not only to get enough food but the right kinds of food into the community,” says Lyndsey Haight, Executive Director. “It’s absolutely critical, giving us the opportunity to create a consumer driven safety net that truly serves those we are helping.”

Mock up of the Seacoast Regional Food Hub which will increase infrastructure, promote collaboration, and lead to a food secure lower Merrimack Valley.

Over the years, ONT received capacity grants from GBFB, but a three-year $150,000 per year transformational grant to build the Seacoast Regional Food Hub in Salisbury was born from a year of collective planning and GBFB leveraging learnings and experience from its other long-term investments to make lasting infrastructural improvements. The hub, set to open this summer, will span 27,000 square feet, with a third dedicated to storage for smaller agencies. Over 2,000 square feet of refrigeration will increase capacity to provide more fresh, healthy food, such as dairy and produce. Once complete, the hub will support more than 30 agencies serving more than 32,000 people.

Reflecting on GBFB and the community’s support, Haight expressed, “They share our commitment to universal food access and prioritize it by investing their time and treasure. This project is truly a testament to so many champions, including GBFB, and our shared passion for serving our neighbors.”

GBFB’s investment in ONT is part of our larger effort to fortify the infrastructure of our Eastern Massachusetts community through the $6M commitment we have made over the last ten years, thanks to our generous donors.

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