GBFB Believes Everyone in Eastern Massachusetts
Has a Right to Food

Published on January 25, 2024

The United Nations released a recent report recognizing what many across Eastern Massachusetts are living every day – that the food system is in crisis, with over 800 million people around the globe unable to afford and access nutritious food. In our state, as many as one in three of our neighbors faces food insecurity, with rates even higher for our Black, Latino, and LGBTQ+ neighbors. 

In response, the United Nations is calling for countries, organizations, and individuals to recognize that there is a “right to food” and to remove all barriers for people to access healthy and culturally preferred food, the building block of a dignified life. The Greater Boston Food Bank is proud to share the vision of a right to food, with our belief that all our neighbors should have access to three healthy meals a day at the core of what we do. 

Nearly 90 million healthy meals travel each year from GBFB’s South Boston warehouse, the Yawkey Distribution Center, to the tables of families across the Eastern Massachusetts thanks to our network of nearly 600 partner agencies from the New Hampshire border down to the Cape and Islands. 96% of all food distributed meets GBFB’s high nutritional standards as ranked by our registered dietitians, and we prioritize perishable food products like produce, protein, and dairy. 

GBFB is also prioritizing the right to food through amplifying equitable public policies that will combat food insecurity at its roots. GBFB’s Public Affairs team works with Capitol Hill, Beacon Hill, and cities and towns across the Commonwealth to raise awareness about the scale of food insecurity and advocate for equitable and sustainable policies that reduce barriers to food access. 

The United Nations noted in their report that creating a culture of “care” is a critical tool in the fight against hunger. From young people fundraising for GBFB, to community leaders volunteering at our warehouse, to our generous network of supporters, GBFB is thankful for the efforts of allies, leaders, and advocates across Eastern Massachusetts who care about our neighbors facing food insecurity, are joining us in saying that there is a right to food, and letting their actions speak louder than their words. You can help us End Hunger Here, too, when you choose to advocate, donate, and volunteer to show your support of the right to food. 

We all have the power to end hunger here. Learn more about GBFB’s policy and advocacy strategy here.

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