Where Does GBFB Get Its Food?

Published on November 10, 2023

Have you ever wondered “how and where does GBFB get its food?” It’s a common question.

While we rely on food donations, you might be surprised to know that 75% of the food we distribute across Eastern Massachusetts is purchased. This reliance on financial support is crucial to feeding our neighbors in need.

We’ve always purchased a significant portion of our food to maintain the nutritional quality and variety for our communities, emphasizing fresh produce, dairy and meat. Today, with soaring food costs due to the highest inflation in over 40 years, our need to buy more food is greater than ever. Last year, we faced a staggering 20% increase in average food prices, especially for items such as eggs and meat.

GBFB’s Food Acquisition Team, led by our COO Cheryl Schondek, who brings over 25 years of food retail experience, have had to adapt and innovate. They leverage relationships with retailers, manufacturers, wholesalers, and farmers to ensure quality and nutrition, while purchasing mostly full truck loads to maximize cost efficiency.

As Cheryl puts it, “our ability to purchase food is crucial. It allows us to provide nutritious and culturally responsive meals for those in need. And it’s the generosity of our donors that acts as a catalyst, enabling us to buy essential items to fill our warehouse.”

Every bag of fresh fruits and vegetables, every loaf of bread, every carton of eggs or milk in our cooler represents the collective impact of supporters like you.

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