National Grid is Committed to Helping Our Community Thrive

Published on October 18, 2023

National Grid Check Presentation at WCVBNational Grid is an example of how corporate citizens can play a crucial role in addressing pressing issues facing our community. In the words of Melissa Lavinson, Head of Corporate Affairs, New England, they’re focused on building stronger communities because “when our communities thrive – we thrive.”

Naturally, National Grid is committed to environmental stewardship, clean energy, and measures to mitigate climate change. Through the lens of economic opportunity and social justice, they’re also working to build sustainability and resiliency in our community. They support GBFB because we serve the same communities in Eastern Massachusetts and our work to remove food barriers dovetails with National Grid’s philanthropic priorities.

She’s saddened but not surprised that 1 in 3 adults in Massachusetts face food insecurity. They see the depth of need – with more than 30% of their customers qualifying for energy assistance, people are struggling.

She adds, “it is critically important that we address foundational needs such as food and power. Food is foundational – it just is. Power, heat, they are also foundational and necessary. We and GBFB provide a necessary service. People want to be warm; they want to be safe and fed. When their basic needs are met people can thrive.” As a place-based company, National Grid gives back to GBFB because they want to help their neighbors and communities thrive.

This year National Grid and its employees set an ambitious goal of 14,000 volunteer hours – making a difference where they live and work. Lavinson sums up why GBFB is an ideal partner, “GBFB’s impact is measurable. We know that our money and volunteer hours translate into meals.” Thanks to National Grid, GBFB will be able to provide more than one million meals to our neighbors in need.

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