Volunteer Spotlight: Ira and Julie Sperling

Published on January 29, 2023

“As retirees, we were looking for volunteer opportunities to give back,” says Ira Sperling of South Boston. “We thought this would be a good place to start.”

Ira and Julie Sperling volunteer at GBFB twice a week.

Ira and Julie, his wife, have given their time to GBFB for nearly seven years, both of them working twice a week in the warehouse to assemble meal boxes, sort and separate frozen foods and train new volunteers, among other tasks—one of which involves a funny story about sweet potatoes.

Citing the physicality of the work and interaction with other volunteers as motivators, they quickly add that the opportunity to work with warehouse supervisor Kelly Sajous, a 26-year GBFB veteran, is key. “He’s one of the primary reasons we keep returning,” they explain.

“We’re committed to the premise that no one should go hungry in Eastern Massachusetts—or anywhere,” Ira and Julie say. “Go—immediately,” they advise those who’ve not yet volunteered.

And, to those who have: “Come back. Bring your family. Stay another day. Break a sweat. Fill some boxes. Help somebody who’s hungry get something to eat.”

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