Keep Budgets Low while Prices Rise

Published on January 18, 2023

With rising food prices, it is especially important to plan and budget your meals. Follow these tips below to save money at your next grocery trip:


Meal Plan: Start by thinking about what to eat for dinner each day for a week. Then plan lunches based around leftover dinner meals. Choose meals that you have the time to prepare. Need inspiration? Check out our recipe website Click N Cook for easy-to-cook meals.

Make a List: Making a list based off your meal plan ensures that you stick to your budget. Start by checking what ingredients you already have in your kitchen.

Use Coupons: Before going to your usual store, check if there are sales or coupons via newsletters or online. Sign up for their rewards program to get the most out of any sales.


Shop While Full: Avoid going to the store on an empty stomach. Being hungry can tempt you to purchase foods that were unplanned.

Check Unit Prices: Unit prices can be useful if you are comparing brands or sizes. Buying in bulk can save you money, but make sure these bulk-sized items are ones that you will utilize before expiring.

Store Brand Items: Store-brand items tend to be less expensive and almost the same ingredients and nutrition as popular-brand items.

Fresh vs Frozen: Buying fresh produce that is in season is less expensive than out of season produce. Frozen produce is also less expensive than fresh produce and just as nutritious.



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