Amazon Expands Partnership with GBFB to Deliver Food to Communities in Need

Published on November 30, 2022
Amazon presented GBFB with a $25,000 donation at the food bank’s headquarters in Boston.

GBFB’s partnership with Amazon began in June 2021. To keep up with the demand for emergency food here in Eastern Massachusetts, GBFB’s distribution team already had 8 trucks on the road 6 days a week. Amazon began providing GBFB with a tractor trailer and class-A driver every Wednesday to help deliver food to a satellite dock on the South Coast.

Amazon has now doubled their commitment by providing a second truck to deliver food every Thursday to a satellite food distribution center in Framingham. Since this partnership began in the summer of 2021, Amazon trucks have already delivered enough nutritious food to provide over 1.3 million meals to our neighbors in need.

Additionally, on November 30th Amazon presented a $25,000 donation to GBFB at the food bank’s headquarters in Boston in support of the mission to end hunger.

The new route provided by Amazon allows food to be more efficiently distributed outside of the Boston area through satellite food distribution centers and frees up one of GBFB’s trucks for additional deliveries. GBFB works with a network of over 600 food distribution partners across the 190 cities and towns of Eastern Massachusetts, providing nearly 80 percent of the food that these partners distribute to people in their community.

“We are deeply thankful to Amazon for going above and beyond to provide solutions to the ongoing issue of food insecurity,” said Catherine D’Amato, President & CEO of GBFB. “As so many still lack consistent access to healthy food, Amazon’s distribution and operational expertise, labor and financial contributions will position GBFB to better provide our neighbors with nutritious meals. Partnerships like this are essential to our mission to end hunger here, and we extend our immense gratitude to Amazon for being hunger relief champions.”

“Nobody should go to bed hungry. Food prices are soaring and there are many families in Massachusetts struggling to put food on the table every day. And we want to help our neighbors in need,” said Amazon spokesperson Caitlin McLaughlin. “In the spirit of the season, today Amazon is proud to announce a $25,000 donation to the Greater Boston Food Bank. And we are doubling down on our commitment to help this organization address food insecurity. To do that, we have added a second truck to assist with weekly deliveries and transporting much needed healthy food to families who need it most.”

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