Congratulations to GBFB’s Individual Volunteers of the Year!

Published on November 9, 2022

Anne Randolph of Cambridge, MA, had been volunteering at GBFB since April 2017. But when the pandemic brought the meaning of ‘food insecurity’ home to everyone, it prompted her to redouble her effort and time. To date, she has offered more than 900 hours of service to GBFB.

Described by the GBFB team members as a ‘superstar,’ Anne can usually be found at the far end of the food sorting room, positioned to answer questions from new volunteers. The work has brought with it its own awareness and reward: “There’s actually quite a lot in the world that people do for other people,” she says.

“It’s made me appreciate how close to the bone a lot of people live. It’s made me well aware of their vulnerability.”

Anne Randolph (top) and Mike Collins (bottom) received our Volunteer of the Year awards for 2022.

Mike Collins of Needham, MA, has logged more than 480 hours—60 days of work—in supporting GBFB’s mission. Mike is efficient, effective and responsible, and his kind demeanor and background in training pay dividends in the encouragement and assistance he gives new volunteers. And everything he does, the GBFB team members report, is done with a smile.

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