Giving is On the Menu

Published on November 9, 2022

If you’re a patron of Boston-area restaurants, you may be encountering some compelling new menu choices.

This fall, GBFB launched a new program called The Helping Menu, to coincide with Hunger Action Month. Participating restaurants are adding a simple item—an appetizer or entrée—to their menus that offer an opportunity to donate directly to GBFB. Menu selections might include ‘Twice Baked Goodness,’ or ‘Scratch-made Support,’ with descriptions such as, “Somewhere, someone is missing a meal. Add this to your order and you are making a donation directly to The Greater Boston Food Bank.”

Guests simply order the appetizer or entrée, and that item is added to their check as a donation to GBFB, collected through the restaurant’s POS terminal—a simple, impactful way for restaurants to support GBFB—and with no out-of-pocket expense to the restaurant.

Early adopters of GBFB’s program include Myers and Chang, Harvest, The Banks Fish House and Trillium. With continued outreach, GBFB anticipates many more restaurants to participate in the program.

“Feeding people and giving back to our community is a key ingredient to our life’s work.”

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