Something for Everyone at Thanksgiving

Published on November 9, 2022


GBFB does more than just feed our neighbors. We also invest in our community in a variety of ways—including funding. Over the last decade, GBFB has distributed more than $2 million to our network of 600 partners through grants and financial support. In 2022 alone, GBFB partners have received Community Investment Grant funding for capacity building totaling some $850,000—thanks to our donors. These investments play a critical role in our mission to end hunger here, helping to enable our food distribution partners to distribute more nutritious food to more people.

“We believe that the only way to achieve our mission to end hunger here is to do it together.”

But as this Thanksgiving approaches, the need persists, and we recognize our partners need a bit more support. We began looking for a way to do something even more expansive. The result? A decision to provide one-time funding to ALL of our partners to respond to the immediate needs this holiday season due to inflation and the ongoing impact of the pandemic.

“This is the season of giving and our partners are giving so much each and every day to those they serve,” says Jonathan Tetrault, GBFB’s Vice President of Community Impact. “We believe that the only way to achieve our mission to end hunger here is to do it together. The ability for us to Feed Eastern Massachusetts relies on the strength of our partners and investing in their expertise—we value their ability to know what’s best for their community.”

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