The More You Do, the More It Feeds Your Soul

Published on September 12, 2022

Over the past year, Haley has volunteered up to four days a week at GBFB, sorting and packing food, or serving clients at one of our mobile markets.

volunteer finds service feeds her soul

Haley discovered the value of volunteering as a child, when her mother took her to help at various nonprofits. In 2021, when she was a student in grad school, she decided to get involved again.

“I was still in grad school, so I didn’t have extra funds to donate to causes,” she says. “But I had my time.” She decided to volunteer for GBFB because “I think food is one of the most important things.”

“The more you do, the more you want to do, because you feel part of something bigger than just yourself.” —Haley Forest on volunteering at GBFB

“I love it,” she adds. “Not only do I get to see the impact I’m making, I get to meet so many people I wouldn’t normally get to.”

She encourages others to get involved. “Just sign up for a shift,” she says. “You’ll be surprised how fun it is!”

Learn more about volunteering your time at The Greater Boston Food Bank.

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