The Life-Changing Impact of Nutritious Food

Published on February 24, 2022
Image of hispanic man standing next to his elderly mother smiling and holding a brown paper bag with fresh grocery items.
Alejandro (a former chef) with his mother.

Alejandro, his elderly parents, and his siblings were thrilled to move in under one roof where they could take care of each other. They had finally found the right place and their timing could not have been better, as COVID-19 was about to hit and the country would soon experience an economic recession.

During the first two years of the pandemic, Alejandro was the only member of the household who was able to find steady work. But despite the hours he put in working as a busser/bartender and performing handyman jobs, Alejandro was also caring for his mother who had fallen ill and he soon realized he couldn’t provide enough nutritious food for everyone at home. He needed help and decided to turn to his local food pantry for support.

“I receive chicken, milk and lots of vegetables and fruit,” says Alejandro. “I was a chef before, so I like to experiment with what I get. I make sure everyone stays healthy!”

That “everyone” includes Alejandro himself. In fact, Alejandro struggled with diabetes before he made the decision to reach out to his local food pantry. But after he was welcomed at a GBFB partner hunger relief agency in Chelsea, everything changed. Now determined and able to eat better, he put the healthy ingredients and his ingenuity in the kitchen to work on his own behalf. Now he no longer needs insulin. That’s the powerful, life-changing impact that fresh produce can have.

Hundreds of thousands of our Eastern Massachusetts neighbors continue to face similar situations, strained by unemployment, bills and unforeseen expenses. Thanks to your generosity and commitment, we are able to help families like Alejandro’s every day and become one step closer to ending hunger in Eastern Massachusetts.

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