Youth Movement for Hunger-Relief

Published on February 12, 2021
Weston kids raised money for GBFB
A group of neighborhood kids from Weston came together to participate in a 30-person fundraiser in support of hunger relief. Photo courtesy of Meredith Taylor.

At The Greater Boston Food Bank (GBFB), we believe that everyone has a role in ending hunger. Perhaps no one embodies that idea better than a group of young people from Weston who raised over $9,000 in support of hunger-relief this spring.

“To have kids in our communities recognizing a critical need and working together to help is truly amazing’, commented Jessica Crimmins, VP of Marketing, Communications and Brand Identity at GBFB. “Having kids understand the power of giving back to help their community is something that will stay with them for a lifetime.”

“When school went remote in March of 2020, the kids had a lot of free time and needed to get outside,“ said Meredith Taylor, mother of two, and one of the organizers of what became a more than 30-person exercising fundraiser for GBFB.

Meredith’s two daughters set a goal to bike over 250 miles each during the month of May. Soon their neighborhood friends joined in and set personal goals for running, biking, sit-ups and other exercises. The girls quickly decided to organize a fundraiser to go along with their athletic endeavors to raise money for those most affected by the pandemic.

“The COVID pandemic has made all of us feel a little helpless. By organizing this fundraiser, we felt like we were doing something to help others, which felt great,” said one of Meredith’s daughters.

By enlisting the support of their friends and family, the group raised $9,050—enough to help GBFB supply over 27,000 meals to people in need.


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