Your Gift Helps These Parents Feed Their Family

Published on April 30, 2020

Emma and Aaron inside the pantry with food

Nine years ago, when his wife Emma underwent surgery, Aaron left his job to stay at home and help her recover. He picked up part-time work and went back to school online, but with four kids to raise, Aaron and Emma struggled financially.

At that time, Aaron and Emma met Marilyn Conley, then the pantry director of the Medway Village Food Pantry. Marilyn learned that Aaron and Emma needed some help and told them to come to the pantry, which has been serving families in Medway and surrounding towns since 2002.

“We’re so grateful for the pantry,” Emma said.

The pantry served over 6,000 people last year and gets more than half of its food from The Greater Boston Food Bank (GBFB).

“They give you good healthy food, all different kinds of fresh fruits and vegetables, breads, meats, all the great stuff,” Emma said. “It definitely helps us save money and use it in different areas.”

The family has been using the pantry since their children were small, but is especially helpful now that their children are older, participating in sports and preparing for college.

According to Aaron and Emma, the pantry is more than just a place to get healthy food.

“It’s a blessing,” Aaron said. “The whole team at the Medway Village Food Pantry has been a great support to our family,” Aaron said.

“They treat us like we’re their family at the pantry. You come in and everybody is giving each other hugs,” Emma said. “It feels like a real community.”

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Featured image: Emma and Aaron live in Franklin and bring home bags of fresh healthy food for their family every month from the Medway Village Food Pantry.

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