Helping Our Seniors Stay Healthy

Published on January 9, 2019

Like many seniors, Robert M. is retired and lives alone on social security. Without The Greater Boston Food Bank (GBFB), Robert said, he would often have to go without food.

Robert is just one of the many seniors who struggle to afford the cost of rent, medicine and other expenses–often on a fixed or limited income—and still have enough money to buy food.

One out of every five people served by GBFB is someone 60 years old or older.

Watch this new video to hear from the seniors who take home this healthy food and learn how GBFB is addressing senior hunger in Eastern Massachusetts.

“If it wasn’t for the brown bag I’d turn around and I wouldn’t have any food in the house.”
– Robert B., retired senior, client at GBFB’s Brown Bag program in Taunton

In addition to our more than 500 member agencies, Mobile Markets at community organizations and healthcare providers, and government programs for low-income seniors like the Commodity Supplemental Food Program, GBFB provides nutritious food directly to seniors through our Brown Bag program.

Each Brown Bag household takes home 25 pounds of healthy food from a monthly distribution, usually in or near a senior housing complex. GBFB operate 15 Brown Bag sites, reaching over 6,400 senior households every month.

“It’s overwhelming at times when you don’t have resources to fall back on. I’d essentially have to go without food if I didn’t have this,”
– Robert M., retired senior, client at GBFB’s
Brown Bag program in Taunton.

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