2018 Partner Appreciation Day

We had the honor of recognizing the people and organizations who bring vital support to The Greater Boston Food Bank (GBFB) at our annual Partner Appreciation Day on October 26. Each year, we celebrate these difference-makers with an awards ceremony at our facility.

We work with 500+ hunger-relief agencies, thousands of volunteers, financial donors, food donors, government officials and others. We rely on this network to support the 1 in 11 people in Eastern Massachusetts who is need of food.

Thank you and congratulations to this year’s award winners; and thank you to those that helped us this year – and every year. We are in it to end it, but we can’t do it alone!

Founders Award: Boston Scientific

Supporting GBFB since 2006, Boston Scientific sponsors events, volunteered nearly 700 hours, donated over $350,000 – enough to provide over 1 million healthy meals.

Founders Award, Boston Scientific
Founders Award: Boston Scientific, accepted by Senior Manager of Global Community Engagement Jennifer Veilleux

President’s Choice Award: VDA Productions

VDA has gone above and beyond in a unique way. VDA has donated over $400,000 of goods and services over the past 5 years, including transforming our warehouse into a unique event for our biggest fundraiser of the year–Festival.

President's Choice Award, David Breen
President’s Choice Award: VDA Productions, accepted by Principal Designer & Founder David Breen

In-Kind Donor Award: Designer’s Choice

Designer’s Choice demonstrates philanthropy through donation of $10,000 in fresh floral arrangements for many events over the past 5 years, including the beautiful arrangements for Partner Appreciation Day!

In-Kind Donor Award, Designer’s Choice
In-Kind Donor Award: Designer’s Choice, accepted by Owner Miquel Londono

Community Partner Award: Open Pantry of Lowell

Open Pantry of Greater Lowell serves an average of 1,800 per month! Open Pantry repeatedly exceeds expectations in food distribution, and has answered the call every time we need a distribution partner for our programs in the Greater Lowell area.

Community Partner of the Year, Open Pantry of Greater Lowell
Community Partner Award: Open Pantry of Lowell, accepted by board member Rebecca Wisniewski

Food Donor of the Year: Big Y

Over the past 3 years, Big Y has donated over 865,000 pounds of healthy food to GBFB; 10 Big Y stores provide food directly to 31 agencies through our Retail Donation Program. They also donated $10,000 to our “Spring for Meals” campaign.

Food Donor of the Year, Big Y
Food Donor of the Year Award: Big Y, accepted by owners Charles & Elizabeth D’Amour.

Institutional Volunteer of the Year: Santander Bank

Santander Bank has volunteered since 2014 – over 1,000 hours sorting nearly 250,000 pounds of food. They also donated $15,000 to Festival.

Institutional Volunteer of the Year, Santander Bank
Institutional Volunteer of the Year Award: Santander Bank, accepted by Chief Audit Executive Steve Sahibdeen.

Individual Volunteer of the Year: Marlon Gray

Marlon volunteers twice a WEEK on our shipping docs. Since he knows so much, he helps teach other volunteers! When he is not here, Marlon is a chef and teaches healthy cooking classes to local kids by showing them how to make meals with what they already have in their refrigerators and cabinets. Read more on Marlon >

Individual Volunteer of the Year, Marlon Gray
Individual Volunteer of the Year Award: Marlon Gray

Public Advocates of the Year: Senate President Karen Spilka and Representative Jeffrey Sanchez

Senate President Karen Spilka supports MEFAP and helped in passing Breakfast After the Bell in the Senate. Rep. Sanchez’s work lifted MEFAP funding to $18 million – enabling the state’s food banks to purchase enough for 23 million healthy meals this year.

Public Advocates of the Year, Senate President Karen Spilka and Representative Jeffrey Sanchez
Public Advocates of the Year Award, accepted by Rep Jeffrey Sanchez

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Congratulations to the award recipients!

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