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How Google searches affect GBFB’s SNAP outreach work.

What do Google searches have to do with GBFB’s SNAP outreach work?

In October 2017, GBFB partnered with Feeding America, the nationwide network of food banks, on Google SNAP – a digital engagement initiative that connects people looking for help applying for SNAP benefits to GBFB’s SNAP outreach program. GBFB is one of 45 Feeding America food banks across 23 states participating in Google SNAP.

Google SNAP offers assistance to applicants in targeted regions based on keywords, such as ‘SNAP’ or ‘food stamps,’ used in Google searches. People wanting help complete a referral form, after which GBFB’s SNAP staff follow up to assist with an application.

Google SNAP enables GBFB’s SNAP team to broaden outreach efforts and reach more people across Eastern Massachusetts. Since starting this program, GBFB has received 875 referrals and submitted 245 SNAP applications through Google SNAP—providing approximately 197,000 additional meals. GBFB’s SNAP team has helped someone from 8 of the 9 counties and 90 of the 190 towns served by GBFB.

Google SNAP

GBFB also uses Google SNAP to target outreach to regions most in need based on GBFB’s One Meal A Day data. GBFB’s campaign is running in Middlesex, Norfolk, and Dukes counties. SNAP applications submitted by GBFB’s team have increased in all 3 counties. Overall, GBFB expects to assist with more than 500 SNAP applications in fiscal year 2018 or 70 percent more compared to last year.

To learn more about our SNAP program or to contact a member of our SNAP outreach team, visit our GBFB SNAP webpage.

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