Our record-breaking October

Published on November 13, 2017

GBFB set a record for its largest distribution ever last month, distributing 5,732,485 pounds of healthy food in October.

record-breaking October

That includes over 1.2 million pounds of protein items, such as poultry, meat, beans and seafood. GBFB also distributed 1.7 million pounds of produce. Our focus on providing more healthy food has led to agencies receiving over 40 different kinds of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Our record-breaking October follows our record-breaking fiscal year, where we distributed nearly 61 million pounds of food. That is the equivalent of over 50 million healthy meals for those in need in Eastern Massachusetts.

Next Challenge

This Thursday, one week before Thanksgiving, has historically been our biggest day of the year. Last year we distributed enough healthy food for over 333,000 meals in just one day. You can still help to ensure that we provide EVEN MORE this year!

GBFB’s annual Holiday Meal Drive helps to ensure that our neighbors in need can enjoy the tradition of a holiday meal, which they may not be able to afford on their own. Learn more in our new video!


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