Closing the Summer Meal Gap

A guest post from GBFB President and CEO Catherine D’Amato

Kids may look forward to school letting out for the summer, but school vacation puts them at higher risk for hunger.

Low-income families whose children qualify for free and reduced-price school breakfast and lunches during the school year may find it difficult to make up those meals in the summer. The Greater Boston Food Bank’s (GBFB) member agencies across Eastern Massachusetts experience an increase in demand during the summer.

Sadly, medical studies show that an inadequate amount of food impedes a child’s growth and development and increases the likelihood a child will suffer from asthma, anemia and mental health and behavioral disorders.

At GBFB, we’re always working to meet the need throughout the year by distributing more healthy food to our agencies and by expanding our direct service programs. In the summer, however, we redouble our efforts.

Our School-based Pantries in Billerica and Lawrence remain open during the summer to help families struggling with hunger in those communities. And this year, I’m happy to report the Paul Revere Innovation School in Revere, which during the school year hosts a School-based Pantry serving more than 200 families a month, will —for the first time — continue to provide each of those families with 40 pounds of fresh food each month throughout the summer.

Your generous donations are making it possible for us to expand our summer School-based Pantries in order to help even more kids have the full stomachs they need to do what kids should be doing all summer — having fun.

Thank you for your support all year round. Together, we can end hunger here.

Catherine D’Amato, President and CEO

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