A Holiday Meal for Everyone

Providing a traditional, nutritious holiday meal to those in need
Published on November 18, 2016

Most of us look forward to taking time to celebrate the special holiday season with family and friends, and a big part of that celebration is a special holiday meal.

But, imagine if you were a senior on a fixed income or a parent struggling on a day-to-day basis to make sure your family has enough to eat. For you, the return to colder weather adds additional strains to your budget as heating and electricity costs rise. By choosing to stay warm, you may experience a dangerous reduction in your weekly grocery budget. Can you imagine not being able to afford a turkey or ham, fresh fruits and vegetables?

Holiday Meal Dstribution
You can give a family a complete holiday meal with all the fixings with just a $20 donation to the Holiday Meal Drive.

One in ten of our neighbors across Eastern Massachusetts too often doesn’t know where their next meal is coming from.
GBFB’s annual Holiday Meal Drive is your opportunity to help provide millions of healthy meals throughout the holiday season to our struggling neighbors. You can help to ensure that they can partake in the traditions of coming together that we so often take for granted. You can provide hope!

There are two simple ways to participate:

Donate! A donation of just $20 provides a complete holiday meal with all the fixings for a family of five. GBFB can do this because we leverage our network and size to maximize your donation.

Form a Fundraising Team! Local businesses, clubs, church groups, families and friends can set up their own food and fund drives. Working as a team, challenge one another to achieve ambitious fundraising goals knowing that your efforts will allow many to enjoy nutritious meals.

Visit to join today and see how your generosity can make a difference.

Chain of Giving
Holiday Meal Drive is all about teamwork! We can work together to provide a warm holiday meal for families in need.

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