Hunger Haunts Again

Published on October 28, 2016


The Barrett Family is back at it again with their 12th annual Haunted House on Friday, October 28. For 12 years, Sophia and her parents have turned their ancient stone basement into a Haunted House filled with freakish frights to scare anyone looking to get spooked for a good cause this Halloween. Instead of using the usual gore tactics to scare their guests, Sophia’s mother, a psychology professor at Northeastern University, has her grad students and postdocs use knowledge from experiments on fear to scare people in the haunted house.

The Haunted House was originally created as a hunger relief fundraiser and each year the Barrett family charges $5 admission, and ALL the proceeds are donated to The Greater Boston Food Bank. Over the last 12 years, Sophia and her parents have raised enough money to provide nearly 15,000 healthy meals in total to those in need across Eastern Massachusetts! Sophia and her parents are an inspiration and show  that there are so many ways in which people can help their community. Thank you to the Barrett family for their commitment to GBFB’s mission to end hunger here.

“We choose GBFB each year because we want our donation to have maximum impact on hunger. It’s really impressive how many meals per dollar you can provide to people in need,” says Dan Barrett.

From everyone here at Team GBFB, have a HAPPY HALLOWEEN! And remember, everyone has a role in ending hunger in our community.

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