Fresh Fruits and Veggies: What the Doctor Ordered

Published on April 20, 2016

With help from enthusiastic volunteers, GBFB on Tuesday kicked off our medical center free produce distribution program, serving 96 households (which included 91 children and 39 seniors) with nearly 4,000 pounds of potatoes, cucumbers, oranges, apples, and more.

Produce Market
Dr. Vin Gupta, a member of the GBFB Board of Advisors who is also on the board at Charles River Community Health, helped with set up and distribution at our fresh produce market there this week. He served our very first recipient!

All of the recipients are patients at Charles River Community Health in Brighton. This marked our first fresh produce market held specifically for health center patients who lack access to enough healthy food. As GBFB works to identify and help more people in need, Dr. Kathryn Brodowski, our Director of Public Health & Research, is working closely with community health centers to target people who cannot afford the food they need to be healthy.

mobile market setup
Dr. Kathryn Brodowski (right) shows volunteers how to set up at the fresh produce market. She says that “hunger and health are absolutely intertwined.”

For those who struggle to afford or access nutritious food, inexpensive and unhealthy foods are sometimes the only option. This can lead to increased risk of overweight, obesity, and other systemic health issues such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and some types of cancer. Fresh produce markets like the one at Charles River Community Health can help us stop the cycle of poor health and poverty. Dr. Brodowski is working to grow this market, as well as secure more locations for fresh produce distribution for patients.

Overall, GBFB is committed to increasing our fresh produce distribution. Currently, our Healthy Futures Campaign aims to distribute an additional 2 million pounds of fruits and vegetables this year. You can help us reach this goal! Until Monday, April 25, all donations made to this campaign will be matched, dollar for dollar.

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