“My Kids are Healthier and Stronger Today”

Jackie's kids

Food in Hull is expensive, especially fruits and vegetables. My kids are healthier and stronger today, because of the fresh produce and other healthy foods we got from the pantry at Wellspring.

Jackie, a working mother who lives in Hull with her three children, is a good example of who we can help with an increase in fresh produce distribution.

Each month, Jackie’s family receives healthy food from the Wellspring Food Pantry, which acquires most of its food from The Greater Boston Food Bank (GBFB). She first moved to Hull seven years ago with her three children after a painful divorce.

“I couldn’t find work, and everything here is so expensive,” she said. “I remember just walking through the town one day with my younger son, who was two then, while my older son and daughter were in school. I was feeling hopeless and very sad, because I didn’t have enough money to buy good food for my children.”

As she walked down Nantasket Avenue, she saw a sign for the pantry at Wellspring Multi-Service Center, which acquires most of its food from GBFB.

“Almost by accident, I found Wellspring,” she said. “The pantry gave me food so I could feed my kids that evening and for the next few days; and they helped me apply for SNAP benefits. While I waited, I came to the pantry every week.”

When she went to the pantry, Jackie was able to get healthy snacks for her kids.
When she went to the pantry, Jackie was able to get healthy snacks to give her kids when they came home from school.
Healthy Food For Her Kids

Jackie says her kids are healthier today because of the fresh produce and healthy foods they got at Wellspring. Those were the foods she wanted but couldn’t always afford. With that stress off her plate, things started to get better for her family. Jackie found a job, and today she is finishing up classes to get her GED. Meanwhile, her children are doing well in school, and her older son is applying to college.

“It’s unbelievable, really, how much the pantry and other services from Wellspring have helped my children and me. Today, I’m finishing up classes at Wellspring to get my GED and working toward a driver’s license. I’m getting closer to achieving my goal to become a translator at South Shore Hospital. Now I’m excited about my future, and so, so grateful!”

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