Apples, and cider, and donuts! Oh my!

Published on November 10, 2015

PhilanthroPICK   Last month, members of GBFB’s Harvesters Circle gathered at Carlson Orchards in Harvard, Massachusetts, for the launch of PhilanthroPiCK. Guests were greeted by farm owner Frank Carlson and with the sweet sounds of Contra Banditos, a New England Contra Dance Band.  

  As guests awaited the hay wagon that would take them into the orchard to pick Carlson’s delicious apples, Cheryl Schondek, GBFB’s Vice President of Food Acquisition & Supply Chain, shared a few words about GBFB’s relationship with the orchard and other Massachusetts farms. The day was a great success and we are excited to start planning for next year.   A special thank you to Carlson Orchards for hosting us!   Carlson Orchards was founded in 1936 by Walter and Eleanor Carlson, and today their sons Bruce, Frank and Robert are dedicated to maintaining their family’s established reputation and tradition of high quality apples and apple products.   Carlson Orchards is part of the Mass Grown Initiative (MGI), which is funded through the Massachusetts Emergency Food Assistance Program (MEFAP) – a protected line item in the budget that provides money to the four food banks in the state to buy food. MGI funding supports the relationship between Massachusetts farmers and The Greater Boston Food Bank, and enables GBFB to purchase produce from the participating farms each year.   By: Jill Snider, Individual Gifts Manager

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