Baking Steel Brings Healthy Pizza Lessons to Kids Cafe

Last year, Andris Lagsdin of Stoughton Steel completed a Kickstarter campaign for his creation, the Baking Steel, a steel baking sheet made of recycled material. A foodie at heart, Andris knows the importance of access to healthy food, which is why a portion of proceeds from every Baking Steel sale benefits The Greater Boston Food Bank. In the past year, these funds have made more than 30,000 meals possible, and Baking Steel recently became an important educational tool at one of GBFB’s Kids Cafes. In April, Andris visited the Chelsea Boys and Girls Club Kids Cafe. He brought a variety of pizza-making ingredients and made pizza with 13 children. They all enjoyed creating pizzas, using new and different ingredients such as eggplant and arugula. GBFB’s Registered Dietitians were in attendance to educate the children about the nutritional value of the ingredients. At the end of the night, Andris generously donated three Baking Steels and pizza peels to the Chelsea Kids Cafe. Last summer, Andris volunteered at the Fall River Nutrition Fair, where he worked with kids at the Veggie Tasting Station. The children had to name as many fruits and vegetables in each color as they could, and then they had the opportunity to sample a number of vegetables they may have never tasted before. Andris and the Stoughton Steel team have become great partners to GBFB. To view photos from Stoughton Steel’s recent trip to Kids Cafe, click here  

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