Volunteers Needed for the 2014 Hunger In America Study

Published on April 1, 2013

GBFB is currently looking for volunteers to help facilitate the 2014 Hunger in America (HIA) Study. The quadrennial study, conducted by Feeding America, involves face-to-face client interviews and surveys of local charitable agencies (kitchens, pantries, & shelters) in order to capture detailed information about who is in need of emergency food assistance. Importantly, the study results serve to not only guide immediate and long term program development and food distribution throughout our communities, but also raise public and civic awareness of food insecurity and the policies surrounding nutrition and use of funds to better serve our families facing hunger. Between the months of April and August 2013, volunteers are needed to help implement the Client Survey portion of the study to be carried out at at select agencies throughout Massachusetts. Volunteers should be:

  • Interested in and capable of interacting with vulnerable and diverse populations
  • Able to communicate the value of the research study to interviewees
  • Respectful to exercise discretion and sensitivity about experiences and hardships that participants may share
  • Prepared to participate in training session(s) provided by The Greater Boston Food Bank on April 5th and April 8th
  • Willing to pick up materials (e.g. laptops, headphones, surveys) from GBFB and bring them to each agency
  • Available to travel to agencies as assigned by the Hunger Study Coordinator between April and August 2013
  • Able to identify and approach eligible survey participants, based on training and by following a designated, representative sampling plan
  • Able to organize the laptops, computers or tablets with clients and to explain how to use the software
  • Able to answer questions and/or troubleshoot issues that may arise while the clients fill out the survey

Volunteering for the 2014 Hunger In America Study:

  • Help Feeding America to significantly improve the quality of the information gathered, which will lead to enhanced resources, food, and funds for the agencies in your area
  • Can provide a gratifying means to explore and connect with your neighborhood or local communities and with those sharing the responsibility to help end hunger.
  • May translate into credit for coursework, such as that involving statistics, research, public policy or contribute toward professional development hours at your workplace

If you are interested in assisting with the Client Survey portion of the Hunger in America 2014 Study, please email Alison Manzella, Hunger Study Coordinator, at, specifying your name, email address, and preferred training date: April 5, 2013 or April 8, 2013. Actual client data collection will occur between April to August 2013.

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