Raising Awareness to End Hunger

Published on September 30, 2011

Two events recently took place that celebrated The Greater Boston Food Bank’s mission, and acknowledged our leadership among organizations responding to the needs of vulnerable citizens of the Commonwealth.  Each was special in its own way, and helped to raise awareness of the growing problem of hunger in our communities. On September 27th, a passionately committed group, Women Fighting Hunger (WFH), held their now annual breakfast to build awareness and raise much-needed funding to support GBFB efforts.  With 232,637 women in Eastern Massachusetts receiving food from a pantry, community meal or shelter, they understand that hunger is a women’s issue. More than 225 community and business leaders gathered to hear Gail Graham, EVP, Fidelity Investments, and Chair of WFH, speak about why hunger is the cause – among so many worthy causes – that means most to her, and inspires her to bring women together for a powerful response that will make a critical difference in the lives of women and children in need. We are tremendously grateful to Gail, the 20 table hosts for the breakfast, and all of the generous and compassionate women who joined the event.  Together, they raised over $60,000 in support of GBFB’s efforts to end hunger here. Visit our Women Fighting Hunger page here to learn more. Later that day, I had the privilege of being honored by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) of New England at their annual “Women of Valor” luncheon.  The ADL and GBFB share the mission imperative to secure justice and fair treatment for all.  We feel a collective responsibility to the least of us, including those who are hungry. It was a wonderful experience to speak to so many who are committed to advancing tolerance, equality, and personal safety, and to share with them how GBFB is working toward the same goals in our response to hunger.  We look forward to continuing our work with ADL to secure justice and fair treatment for all. These very different experiences helped to solidify that everyone has a role in ending hunger in our community.  Each event and group looked at the problem of hunger and provided their unique support.  Together, we will achieve GBFB’s goal of providing enough food to feed everyone in need in Eastern Massachusetts at least one meal a day. I am honored and humbled by all the ways you choose to assist GBFB in our mission to end hunger here.

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