b'Helping Our Partners GrowAs the size of our distributionTo get them the space, equipmentbins, to commercial freezers grows, our ability to help peopleand resources they need, Theand new delivery trucks.in need is only as strong as theGreater Boston Food Bank (GBFB) capacity of our more than 500created our Capacity GrantLast year was our largest year partner agencies. Program, providing anywhereto date, as we awarded morefrom $500 to $10,000 to fundthan $138,000 to fund projects Because we continue to increaseimprovements in transportation,at 34 of our partner agencies. the amount of perishable foodsrefrigeration and other operational we distributelike fruits andareas at our agencies.As we strive to create a hunger-vegetables, and center-of-the- free Eastern Massachusetts by plate items like chicken andSince the launch of this program2028, our plan will include fishwere doing everything wein 2013, GBFB has awarded empowering our partners to can to help our agencies order,over $627,000 in grants to 162grow alongside us and meet store and distribute this fresh,different projects, including every- the need in their communities. healthy food. thing from shelving and storage In 2018, we funded 34 projects and distributed $138,550 IN CAPACITY GRANTS to our partner agencies.REFRIGERATORS$49,677.509 grants VEHICLES$35,4004 grants FREEZERS$28,413.508 grants PANTRY SUPPLIES/EQUIPMENT$25,0595 grants GBFB awarded 8 grants for projects that covered more than one of the above categories.5 THE GREATER BOSTON FOOD BANK 2018 ANNUAL REPORT'