b'An Avoidable $2.4 Billion CostFOOD INSEC URITY ANDHUNGERIN MASSACHUSETTSMental Health SpecialConditions Education $223.3$520.3 Pulmonary Diseases $572.6 Poor GeneralType 2 HealthDiabetes$635.4 $251.1Rheumatology $76.9 Diseases Costs Related to Food Insecurity* ObesityIN MASSACHUSETTS 2016 $132.7* Food insecurity is the inability to afford enough food for all family members to live active and healthy lives.What IfMassachusetts could eliminate food insecurity?A conservative $2.4 billion per year would be saved in treating medical issues that are directly linked to food insecurity. Improving food security among Massachusetts residents would reduce healthcare costs for individuals, families, and the Commonwealth.View the full study atMACostofHunger.org THE GREATER BOSTON FOOD BANK 2018 ANNUAL REPORT 4'