b'Together, we are making a difference. MarlaBobDorchester, Massachusetts Taunton, MassachusettsAfter a routine surgery, Marla found herselfAfter working his entire life, Bob retired a unable to physically keep up with her job asfew years ago and gets by solely on social a nurse. Suddenly an unemployed singlesecuritywhich is often difficult with the cost mother, Marla struggled to provide for herof living in Massachusetts. Living alone and four children. on a fixed income, Bob struggles to make ends meet.With a friends help, Marla decided to go to the American Red Cross Food Pantry inThese times are tough. I run into quite a few Dorchester, a GBFB member agency, andpeople who have financial problems because said it was one of the best decisions she evertheir retirement income doesnt match what made.their expenses are, he said.This is a happy place, she said about theA neighbor informed Bob about a GBFB pantry. Its been very beneficial for me, soBrown Bag distribution in a church in his I can focus on other things and not worryhometown of Taunton. For the last three about do I have enough food to put on theyears Bob has been getting fresh healthy plate for my children. food there, such as vegetables, chicken and grains, which are his favorites. He said it Marla goes to the pantry once a month andmakes a big difference in his life. takes home bags full of healthy food like carrots and apples, and protein like chickenId essentially have to go without food if I and fresh fish. didnt have this, Bob said. I live alone, and the rent is a huge expense. If this wasnt Getting the extra help when Ive needed ithere, the alternative would be to go without.from the pantry has been amazing, Marla said. Ive had to worry about paying the bills Its not an obligation for anybody to do this, and keeping the lights on, but I didnt have toBob said. So, Im very grateful.worry about food.11 THE GREATER BOSTON FOOD BANK 2018 ANNUAL REPORT'