b'Top 5 Most Distributed Produce Items7%Bananas1,166,293 LBS79% 17% 10% 9%of the food distributedPotatoes Onions Apples 6%met GBFBs3,071,200 LBS 1,807,090 LBS 1,663,454 LBS Sweet Potatoesnutrition standards 1,127,480 LBSDistribution by Category9% 7%Grains Juice and Beverage5,550,573 LBS 4,249,336 LBS8%Fruit and 32% Vegetables Other Food Meals21% 4,701,306 LBS 6% 5%Center-of-the-Plate2,984,609 Fresh Produce Protein 3,443,392 LBS LBS19,661,517 LBS 12,949,383 LBS 8% 2%4%Dairy Condiments Household/Non-Food4,645,639 LBS and Sauces 1,071,6222,571,449 LBS LBS$19.2M RAISED 55,000 HOURSin contributions fromput in by 22,00045933,279 generous donors enthusiastic volunteers generous food donors32,3419384.6M POUNDS Equivalent to 91Individuals Corporations & Foundations sorted by volunteers 3.9M MEALS of every dollar donated(147 Partners for Impact) goes directly to support hunger-relief effortsThank you for making an impact.15 THE GREATER BOSTON FOOD BANK 2018 ANNUAL REPORT'