b'Together, we are making a difference. IrmaJoanLynn, Massachusetts Plymouth, MassachusettsIrma and her husband live paycheck to pay- The rising cost of living in Eastern Massa-check putting food on the table for their threechusetts makes it hard for many low-income small children in Lynn. While her husbandfamilies to put food on the table. Its even has steady employment, the family strugglesharder with three generations under the to keep up with their rising rent and the highsame roof. cost of living. They sometimes run out of food at the end of the month as expenses add upJoan and her retired husband, both disabled, and their food budget bottoms out.welcomed their son, daughter-in-law and two grandchildren into their South Shore home. Between paying bills, rent and everythingWith a bigger household, the familys food else, were just trying to survive, she said.budget became overstretched.Irmas three children, including Daisy, 5, are all current or former students at ConneryBeing disabled and not working put a real Elementary School, where GBFB runs abig strain on us financially and we needed monthly School-based Pantry.some help, Joan said. Were able to get a lot of vegetables fromJoan started supplementing the familys the pantry, Irma said. Daisy loves theweekly food budget with trips to the Plym-broccoli. outh Salvation Army food pantry, a member agency of GBFB. Joan takes home six bags Irma said having the pantry located at theof healthy food every month, which helps her school is a rewarding opportunity.get by on the familys limited income.It always helps out at the end of the monthIt helps our family eat a well-balanced meal, when we run out of food to fill our pantry,which is especially important when you have she said. And this helps us feed our kids. little kids, Joan said. They need to eat right. The food pantrys been a lifesaver for our family.THE GREATER BOSTON FOOD BANK 2018 ANNUAL REPORT 12'