b'Financial HighlightsREVENUE19.57% Individual, Corporate & Foundation Contributions$19,248,939 .67% Contributed Services & In-Kind Gifts $661,180 57.41% Food Donations$56,485,806 4.80% Other$4,723,898.69% Shared Maintenance*$681,46616.86% Government Funds$16,584,134TOTAL REVENUE$98,385,423EXPENSES91.37% Program Services$89,623,806 3.74% Fundraising$3,665,4914.89% Management & General$4,793,595TOTAL EXPENSES $98,082,892ENDING NET ASSETS FOR 2018$37,302,788*SHARED MAINTENANCE: GBFB receives shared maintenance fees from its member agencies in order to offset the cost of handling and redistributing donated food, as recommended by Feeding America.THE GREATER BOSTON FOOD BANK 2018 ANNUAL REPORT 2'